Cremation Service

There are a number of desisions to be made when cremation is the preferred choice.

These decisions include:

  • Will cremation take place after the visitation of the remains in a casket at the funeral home.
  • Will there be visitation with an urn present at the funeral home.
  • Location and scheduling of the funeral service or memorial service.
  • Final placement of cremated remains.
  • Selection of urn and/or outer burial container.
  • Selection of container for cremation or casket suitable for visitation before cremation.
  • Newspaper notice. 

Making any kind of arrangements involves many choices and decisions. It is helpful to consider all the options and take the time to ask questions before making a final decision about such an important event. One of our licensed funeral directors will help answer any question you may have. Making an informed choice can help assure peace of mind for everyone involved.