The majority of metal caskets available on the market today are known as "protective" caskets. This terminology reflects that they are manufactured with a one-piece rubber gasket that runs around the inner lid of the casket.

Once closed, a locking mechanism draws the lids onto the base and the gasket forms a seal. This protective seal protects the deceased from the entrance of air and other gravesite elements.  

Many higher quality metal caskets utilize a sophisticated magnesium rust inhibitor process. Metal caskets are commonly manufactured in 20, 18 and 16 gauge metals.  Interiors are tastefully coordinated in a variety of materials form crepe to velvet allowing for a range of pricing to meet a wide variety of budget concerns.  

Shown is a sample of one of the steel caskets we are pleased to offer the families we serve. Steel caskets are priced to fit any budget and come in a variety of styles and colours. Please contact a member of our staff for further assistance.


Cap panels
We offer a variety of interior cover panels which fit in the inside cover of our steel caskets. These panels further aid in personalizing the funeral and are available in a number of styles.


Lifesymbol corners
We are pleased to offer Lifesymbols corners. These Lifesymbols corners may be inserted at the outer corners of a select number of caskets and further aid in the personalization of the funeral. We offer a variety of styles, which include: mother, father, music symbol, cooking, hunting, etc.