Cremation Vaults

Designed with the same quality manufacturing construction as burial vaults, these smaller vaults incorporate all of the same protective principals as full size casket vaults.

From simple polystyrene to fiberglass with or without a high quality smooth gel coated exterior surface, these vaults are among the finest quality available on the market. The range of products we have selected meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve.

Fibreglass Urn Vault (shown with a high quality smooth gel coated exterior surface)
This vault is available with the high quality smooth gel coated exterior surface or, depending upon your budget, is available in a natural fibreglass exterior surface.  These vaults provide ample room for contents and mementos and are non-porous and water resistant.

Polystyrene Urn Vault
This vault is a sealed, water resistant, light weight and non-biodegradable alternative to the fibreglass vault. It is available in a cream exterior colour.

Polystyrene vault (shown with expanded top)
This vault may be modified to accommodate larger items by adding pieces at the top of the vault.